About us

At Laser Custom Creations, we strive to:

  • Provide exceptional customer service so our customers feel comfortable working with us to create that extraordinary gift.  We take great care in handling your photos, your thoughts & feelings, your ideas.  We enjoy taking those important aspects and putting it on an item that makes those moments that much more memorable.

  • We offer full customization with our only limitation being the piece itself.  We don't put a limit on characters, fonts, art, lines, etc.  As long as we can put it on the piece or your choice, and it still looks exquisite, we're happy to oblige.  On the other hand, if you're having trouble putting a piece together, we are also happy to help find the right phrase, poem or art.

  • We supply only quality items.  We do our homework.  If we can't provide exceptional quality on one of the items, we discontinue it until we can find a reliable vendor.  We only offer the best of the best to our customers and their families.

Each of our items are handled by an owner! We take great pride in our work to bring you a stunning piece of art so you, the customer, feel as confident as we do, "they'll love the gift"!  We're certain that you'll feel confident in us enough to tell your friends and family.